brake fluid


  • Brake fluid deteriorates over time and needs replacing at least every two years to keep you car brakes working efficiently
  • Peugeot will put new brake fluid in during your Scheduled Service if required
  • It’s easy to check the brake fluid level for yourself – top the reservoir up to “MAX” if necessary
  • If you need to keep topping the fluid up, it could mean there’s a leak or that the pads or shoes are worn
  • Your Peugeot dealer will be happy to check the brake fluid for you if you ever think something may be wrong
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More important than you knew

Did you know your brake fluid:

  • Gradually absorbs water, making your brakes feel “soft”?
  • Could lead to costly repairs if it gets too low?
  • Needs replacing every two years?

Trust your Peugeot dealer for…

  • Technical expertise from Peugeot-trained technicians
  • The latest tools and diagnostic equipment, designed specifically for Peugeots
  • Only genuine Peugeot parts
  • An impressive manufacturer's service history to help maintain your Peugeot’s resale value


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